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My Jobrant

PhD student



Henrik Gillström, My Jobrant, Uni Sallnäs (2024) Towards building an understanding of electrification of logistics systems - A literature review and a research agenda CLEANER LOGISTICS AND SUPPLY CHAIN, Vol. 10, Article 100134 Continue to DOI


My Jobrant, Uni Sallnäs, Henrik Gillström (2023) With Whom to Coordinate and How?: Towards the Adoption of Heavy-Duty Battery Electric Vehicles
My Jobrant, Henrik Gillström, Uni Sallnäs (2023) Conceptualising Electrified Logistics Systems Through an Actor Perspective


Henrik Gillström, My Jobrant, Uni Sallnäs (2022) Understanding How Electrification Affects The Logistics System - A Literature Review NOFOMA Conference 2022