I work with statistics in various research projects at the Division of Community Medicine.

Academic degree

Dipl. ‘Statisticien économiste’ 1988, ENSAE, Paris, France
Master in Statistics and Stochastic Processes, 1988, INA P-G, Paris, France
Master in Statistics and Operations Research, 1992, Princeton University, Princeton, USA
PhD 2007, Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm


Nadine Karlsson (2007). Prospective cohort studies of disability pension and mortality in a Swedish county.



Amy O'Donnell, Latifa Abidi, Jamie Brown, Nadine Karlsson, Per Nilsen, Kerstin Roback, Janna Skagerström, Kristin Thomas

Beliefs and attitudes about addressing alcohol consumption in health care: a population survey in England

In BMC Public Health

Article in journal

E Kristin Andersson, Ulrika Müssener, Catharina Linderoth, Nadine Karlsson, Preben Bendtsen, Marcus Bendtsen

Effectiveness of a Text Messaging-Based Intervention Targeting Alcohol Consumption Among University Students: Randomized Controlled Trial

In JMIR mhealth and uhealth

Article in journal


Katarina Jood, Nadine Karlsson, Jennie Medin, Helene Pessah-Rasmussen, Per Wester, Kerstin Ekberg

The psychosocial work environment is associated with risk of stroke at working age

In Scandinavian Journal of Work, Environment and Health

Article in journal