As a teaching librarian at Campus Norrköping Library, I teach information literacy and related skills to students at the Faculty of Educational Sciences at LiU and hold instruction about reference management and plagiarism issues.

I also work with library exhibitions and Campus Norrköping’s DigiMaker. DigiMaker, open to all students and employees at LiU, is a creative environment for testing and sharing technology, methods and experiences.

You are welcome to get in touch with me regarding any of my areas of expertise!

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Kerstin Annerbo, Niklas Ferdinand Carlsson, Åsa Falkerby, Britt Omstedt, Josefina Syssner (2020) Wood is Good!


Kerstin Annerbo, Niklas Karlsson, Åsa Falkerby, Marita Olofsson, Marie Didriksson, Britt Omstedt, Rebecka Öhrn, Jenny Aspling-Rydgren (2019) TRAINS- a Time(ly) Issue