Photo of Nina Gennebäck

Nina Gennebäck

Senior Research Coordinator

As a research coordinator at the Research analysis unit, I work strategically and long-term with the basic terms and conditions for research at LiU.

Research coordinator with focus on research strategy

I analyse the research at LiU to strengthen the organisation and create good conditions for research, interdisciplinary science and development.

My role at the newly established Research analysis unit includes staying one step ahead and working with strategic research questions that enable LiU to continue to be an attractive research environment with good conditions for all researchers. I do this by analysing the research that is available at LiU today, monitoring research policy issues and supporting the management in the work ahead. I have previous experience of working with research ethics and research data and therefore, I support the activities in these areas.

I work in networks with different parts of LiU so that we, together, can find the best solutions and discuss the more complex issues. Since the unit is new, my role will develop and eventually land in the support that LiU needs to continue to develop. An exciting journey together with different networks.

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