Mohammad Amin Gharavi, Rickard Armiento, Björn Alling, Per Eklund

Theoretical study of phase stability, crystal and electronic structure of MeMgN2 (Me = Ti, Zr, Hf) compounds

In Journal of Materials Science

Article in journal

Yong Du, Jiageng Chen, Xin Liu, Chun Lu, Jiayue Xu, Biplab Paul, Per Eklund

Flexible n-Type Tungsten Carbide/Polylactic Acid Thermoelectric Composites Fabricated by Additive Manufacturing

In Coatings

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Xiaoyang Si, Mian Li, Fanyan Chen, Per Eklund, Jianming Xue, Feng Huang, Shiyu Du, Qing Huang

Effect of carbide interlayers on the microstructure and properties of graphene-nanoplatelet-reinforced copper matrix composites

In Materials Science & Engineering

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Jie Zhou, Xianhu Zha, Xiaobing Zhou, Fanyan Chen, Guoliang Gao, Shuwei Wang, Cai Shen, Tao Chen, Chunyi Zhi, Per Eklund, Shiyu Du, Jianming Xue, Weiqun Shi, Zhifang Chai, Qing Huang

Synthesis and Electrochemical Properties of Two-Dimensional Hafnium Carbide

In ACS Nano

Article in journal

Sit Kerdsongpanya, Olle Hellman, Bo Sun, Yee Kan Koh, Jun Lu, Ngo Van Nong, Sergei I. Simak, Björn Alling, Per Eklund

Phonon thermal conductivity of scandium nitride for thermoelectrics from first-principles calculations and thin-film growth

In Physical Review B

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