Photo of Per Holmberg

Per Holmberg

Visiting Professor

Swedish language and text research

I am a professor in Swedish Language at the University of Gothenburg specializing in text research. As a visiting professor, I work on three projects:

Modelling integrated grammar education

Together with researchers at IKOS and students in teacher education, I develop models for how the teaching of grammar can be integrated into the work with writing and reading different kinds of texts in school. The goal is teaching that gives all pupils a chance to expand their linguistic resources.

Early Viking Age runic literacy

In my recent project on the Rök runestone (VR 2017–2021) I argued that this famous inscription is not about heroes and heroic deeds, as previous interpretations have claimed. Now I investigate how the new interpretation, that showed that the theme of the inscription is more likely the rhythm of celestial light, can contribute to a new understanding of other rune texts from the same period.

The establishment of Subject-Specific Didactics as a research field (VR 2022–2024)

I begin a meta-study on the field of Subject-Specific Didactics with professor BG Martinsson (project leader) and associate professor Maritha Johansson. We investigate how research in this field has been encouraged by new research policies, how new knowledge has been constructed, and how this research-based knowledge has been received by school actors.