Photo of Peter Steneteg

Peter Steneteg

Principal Research Engineer



Signe Sidwall Thygesen, Alexei I. Abrikosov, Peter Steneteg, Talha Bin Masood, Ingrid Hotz (2023) Level of Detail Visual Analysis of Structures in Solid-State Materials EuroVis 2023 - Short Papers Continue to DOI
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Talha Bin Masood, Joseph Budin, Martin Falk, Guillaume Favelier, Christoph Garth, Charles Gueunet, Pierre Guillou, Lutz Hofmann, Petar Hristov, Adhitya Kamakshidasan, Christopher Kappe, Pavol Klacansky, Patrick Laurin, Joshua A. Levine, Jonas Lukasczyk, Daisuke Sakurai, Maxime Soler, Peter Steneteg, Julien Tierny, Will Usher, Jules Vidal, Michal Wozniak (2021) An Overview of the Topology ToolKit Topological Methods in Data Analysis and Visualization VI: Theory, Applications, and Software, p. 327-342 Continue to DOI


Mark E Dieckmann, Martin Falk, Doris Folini, Rolf Walder, Peter Steneteg, Ingrid Hotz, Anders Ynnerman (2020) Collisionless Rayleigh-Taylor-like instability of the boundary between a hot pair plasma and an electron-proton plasma: The undular mode Physics of Plasmas, Vol. 27, p. 1-14, Article 112106 Continue to DOI
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