Elham Mozafari, Nina Shulumba, Peter Steneteg, Björn Alling, Igor A. Abrikosov

Finite-temperature elastic constants of paramagnetic materials within the disordered local moment picture from ab initio molecular dynamics calculations

In Physical Review B

Article in journal

Igor Abrikosov, A. V. Ponomareva, Peter Steneteg, S. A. Barannikova, Björn Alling

Recent progress in simulations of the paramagnetic state of magnetic materials

In Current opinion in solid state & materials science

Article, review/survey


Erik Sundén, Peter Steneteg, Sathish Kottravel, Daniel Jönsson, Rickard Englund, Martin Falk, Timo Ropinski

Inviwo - An Extensible, Multi-Purpose Visualization Framework

In 2015 IEEE Scientific Visualization Conference (SciVis)

Conference paper

Dimitrios Felekidis, Peter Steneteg, Timo Ropinski

Advanced visualization techniques for laparoscopic liver surgery

In Proceedings of SIGRAD 2015

Conference paper

Elham Mozafari, Björn Alling, Peter Steneteg, Igor Abrikosov

Role of N defects in paramagnetic CrN at finite temperatures from first principles

In Physical Review B. Condensed Matter and Materials Physics

Article in journal

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