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Pia Rundgren

Director of Human Resources, Head of Division, Head of Unit

Linköping University is an inspiring workplace that attracts committed, talented individuals. I work with the development of HR processes, including work environment, staff recruitment and further education for university staff at all levels.

We have jobs for people who want to flourish

As director of human resources, I'm responsible for driving and developing the supply of skilled staff to the university. This means making Linköping University an attractive workplace, with good values and a creative environment.

Linköping University is an exciting, dynamic workplace with diverse operations. Our teachers, researchers and PhD students are passionate about developing and transferring the latest knowledge – to the benefit of, and in collaboration with, our students and society as a whole. We also have a professional, up-to-date support organisation, with expertise in economy, human resources, communication, IT, education and research administration, and much more.

At Linköping University we work systematically, towards the aim of a workplace where our employees are engaged, and enjoy freedom with responsibility. In our latest staff survey, our employees say that they have meaningful jobs, are proud to work at Linköping University and are happy to recommend it as a workplace.

If you have the drive and the commitment, Linköping University offers great opportunities to evolve as a person, and to enhance your skills. For instance we offer specialised training programmes for managers and senior staff. We welcome you to apply for one of our vacant positions.

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