Human Resources Division (HRA)

The Human Resources Division works to ensure that Linköping University is an attractive employer, both for all of us who work here and for those who have yet to start employment here. We have a responsibility to ensure that LiU has the competence required for the University to achieve its operational objectives.

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The basis of our work is to uphold everyone's equal value, rights and opportunities. Linköping University is to be characterised by an inclusive work environment in which all co-workers are treated with respect and where the conditions for work and development are good.

The Human Resources Division provides strategic and operative support for the organisation. We work at the core of operations, and cross-functionally, and manage, implement, develop and follow up LiU's HR strategies and processes. 

The Human Resources Division is organised in four units:

  • Negotiation Office – works with employment law issues, agreements, wage setting, work environment, health and equal opportunities.
  • Human Resources Office – works with strategic and operational support in all of LiU 's HR processes, mainly for University Services, but also for LiU's other activities.
  • Competence Provision Office – works with the competence supply process – attracting, recruiting, retaining and developing co-workers. The office also works with management and leadership development programmes and the introduction of new co-workers.
  • Payroll Office – works with processes for salary payment, payroll administration, payroll support, pension and insurance issues, and manages and provides support for LiU's HR systems. 

We work together with HR partners in the organisation and in close cooperation with trade union partners.

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The central HR Division

HR-partners at department/equivalent

At LiU, local HR partners work on behalf of the department/equivalent. They work broadly with staff issues and provide support to managers, employees and groups.

Department of Health, Medicine and Caring Sciences, HMV

Department of Behavioural Sciences and Learning, IBL

Department of Computer and Information Science, IDA

Department of Management and Engineering, IEI

Department of Physics, Chemistry and Biology, IFM

Department of Culture and Society, IKOS

Department of Biomedical Engineering, IMT

Department of Electrical Engineering, ISY

Department of Mathematics, MAI

Faculty of Educational Sciences, Faculty of Arts and Sciences and Faculty of Science and Engineering (Institute of Technology)

Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences

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