Borders, resistance and solidarities

I am a political scientist and hold a PhD in social work. My research interests concern ethnography, migration, feminist and postcolonial/decolonial theory and methodology with an interest in understanding how borders shape people's everyday lives and how borders are renegotiated. I am also interested in methodological questions with a special focus on ethics and politics, representation and epistemological plurality.

In 2018, I defended my dissertation at Malmö University "Borders Crossing Bodies - The stories of eight youth with experience of migrating"

Migrants and solidarities: Negotiating deservingness in welfare micropublics

In my current research, I study how solidarities and deservingness are negotiated when it comes to migrants in different parts of the welfare. The study is part of an international research project within Sweden, Denmark and the United Kingdom, where each country group is responsible for two case studies.

The first case study studies the waiting time for asylum seekers who are waiting for an reply on their asylum application and who live at the migration agency's accommodation. This waiting is characterized by an uncertainty between inclusion and exclusion in society and can take more than two years. This waiting-room-like condition is examined by studying the negotiation between asylum seekers, streetlevel bureaucrats and migrant adcovacy groups. The second case study examines the deservingness in relation to economic assistance for undocumented migrant families. There is a statutory responsibility to provide financial support and housing to prevent children from falling into poverty, even if the parents are not entitled to welfare support due to their immigration status. The sphere of negotiation is in this case composed of the families, municipal welfare workers, government officials, as well as migrant advocacy groups. in relation to financial support for undocumented families. 

For more information about the project, visit Solidarities samt and LiU's website.


I have experience of teaching and as a course coordinator in social work, both at bachelor's and master's level. I have supervised and examined a range of B and C essays. At present, I teach in the bachelor's program Social and Cultural Analysis and supervise master's theses in the master's program Ethnic and Migration Studies at REMESO.




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