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Promporn Wangwacharakul

Assistant Professor

Researcher and educator with background in Industrial Engineering and experience in multidisciplinary projects focused on quality management, supply chains, interorganisational collaboration and circular economy. 


My work during the doctoral study was on cross-cultural quality management. With a strong academic background in Industrial engineering and Innovation management, I possess extensive knowledge of managing quality in diverse cultural settings. My research has primarily focused on cross-cultural aspects of quality management, including implementing lean from a Swedish perspective, studying quality management across cultures using anchoring vignettes, and examining the comparability of customer satisfaction measurement in cross-cultural contexts.

As a continuity from my doctoral study, I am now collaborating with researchers from Sweden and South Africa in a research project focusing on lean with respect for people which brings humanity and cultural aspects into lean aiming to enhance sustainable lean implementation.

In addition to my academic expertise, I have brought valuable industrial experience in supply chain management to my research. I have worked as a supply chain planning analyst, gaining hands-on experience in optimising supply chain processes and matching supply-demand. This role provided me with valuable insights into real-world challenges and practical implications of supply chains management which have always been in my interests.

Recently, I have expanded my research into the field of circular economy. Through my involvement in a project centered on textiles circular supply chains, I have developed a keen interest in exploring the intersection of quality management, logistics and the circular economy. My industrial experience coupled with my research expertise, offer me an opportunity to bridge the gap between academic theory and practical supply chain management, particularly in the context of cross-cultural challenges and the implementation of sustainable practices.


  • Bachelor of Engineering (Industrial engineer), 2006
  • Master of Science (Innovation management and product development), 2011
  • Degree of Licentiate of Engineering (Quality engineering), 2015
  • Technology Doctor in Quality Management, 2020

Short texts

These are my three research interests as of now.

Cross-cultural Quality Management

As organizations become multinational with subsidiaries in different countries and global customers, they face challenges in managing quality related to cultural diversity. During the past decades, cross-cultural quality management research has emerged, aiming to understand the link between culture and quality management, and to provide support for quality management in different cultural contexts. This research field becomes increasingly important considering global industries of today.

Textile Circular Ecosystem

Textile industry, as the second most polluting industry in the world right after the oil industry, requires a systemic transition to the principles of Circular Economy (CE). Textile CE practices, such as recycling, reusing, and recovering materials, are typically characterized with complexity due to global supply chain flows, and involvement of diverse stakeholders e.g., non-profit organizations, institutions, fashion retailers, and business intermediaries (sorters, brokers, and specialized processers). Many challenges in such transition are realized by incumbent companies that redefine and innovate their business models and develop new roles in a larger CE context – industrial ecosystem, where system-wide innovation is a key component.

Sustainability and Quality Management

Sustainable development and quality have much in common, including customer and stakeholder focus, societal impact, core set of values, system thinking, continuous improvement and top management support. There are possibilities for QM to contribute to higher efficiency with throughput reduction, which is fundamental for sustainable development, as well as to higher economic sustainability by providing more value at lower cost. Moreover, QM values can be adapted to support the integration of sustainability considerations, and to create involvement of people for positive societal development.



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