Renee has an educational background in polymer science, receiving his MSc on this topic in 2008 from the University of Groningen. In that same year, he joined the group of Prof. Mats Andersson at Chalmers University of Technology as a Ph.D. student, working on the synthesis of conjugated polymers for solar cells. After graduating in 2013 he moved to the University of South Australia as a postdoc, where he continued to work on the same topic for 1.5 years.

In 2015, he joined the group of Prof. Christian Muller as a postdoc, switching his research focus to the field of organic thermoelectrics. One of the various topics he has investigated within this field has been the synthesis of polar polythiophenes and their functionalized variations.

After a short hiatus from academia during which he worked at RISE AB in Borås, he joined the Laboratory of Organic Electronics in July 2020 as an associate professor in organic chemistry. The research in the Organic Chemistry group currently revolves around the design and synthesis of functionalized conjugated polymers for organic electronic applications.



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