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Richard Öhrvall

Assistant Professor

Richard Öhrvall has a PhD in political science. His research interests include social trust, voter turnout and other forms of political behaviour.

Who participates and why?

I earned my doctoral degree in 2018 by successfully defending my dissertation, Growing into Voting: Election Turnout among Young People and Habit Formation. This study delved into the intricacies of young voter turnout, exploring the factors that contribute to the formation of voting habits. Beyond this focus, my research spans various aspects of political participation, encompassing party choices and political engagement. My explorations also extend into diverse research fields such as social trust, public corruption, welfare services, and local democratic institutions. Recently, my research has delved into the pertinent issue of political urban-rural polarization.

My approach to addressing these research questions is rooted in quantitative methods. Beyond research, I actively contribute to education by teaching quantitative methods at both bachelor's and master's levels, and I play a role in supervising theses at both levels.


ORCID 0000-0002-0806-5664


Gissur Erlingsson, Richard Öhrvall, Antonio F. Tavares, Emanuel Wittberg (2024) Close actions speak louder than distant words? The effect of local parties on voter turnout in Swedish local elections 1994-2018 Journal of Elections, Public Opinion, and Parties Continue to DOI


Gissur Ó. Erlingsson, Richard Öhrvall, Susanne Wallman Lundåsen (2023) Geographical Tensions Within Municipalities? Evidence from Swedish Local Governments Rural sociology, Vol. 88, p. 1033-1068 Continue to DOI
Hilma Lindskog, Stefan Dahlberg, Richard Öhrvall, Henrik Oscarsson (2023) The Voter Next Door: Stigma Effects on Advance Voting for Radical Right Parties Political Studies Continue to DOI
Richard Öhrvall (2023) Ett delat Sverige?: Om skillnader i livsvillkor, värderingar och åsikter mellan stad och land


Richard Öhrvall (2022) En klyfta mellan stad och land? Snabbtänkt 2.0 22: reflektioner från valet 2022 av ledande forskare, p. 97-98

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