Navigating "Respectability"

My PhD project is: Navigating ‘Respectability’. The Relationship to the Family Center in Sweden for Parents from Muslim-Majority Countries.

My aim is to explore and conceptualize how parenthood is negotiated and constructed by parents of foreign background perceived as Muslims through strategies of ‘migrant-respectability i.e. being a good citizen and following the Swedish model of parenthood when they access family centers in Sweden.


I am the course director for internship for the master students in Ethnic and 
Migration Studies. I assist students with finding internships that can offer a way to reflect on how theoretical knowledge may be converted into practice. Students in the course develop skills, competences, and tools to professionally handle demands and challenges at workplaces and in organizations in their area of interests and studies. I also teach in other Ethnic and Migration courses and I am also a guest teacher in the Bachelor's programme in Social and Cultural Analysis.


Workshop for master students

I am also interested in questions related to the role of civil society in helping refugees at a time when the right-wing discourses and politics are on the rise and gaining momentum. I arrange a yearly workshop where different NGOs engaged in helping refugees and competing discrimination and racism, present their current projects and the challenges, they meet for the Ethnic and Migration Studies master students.


I am a member of the board for the association Föreningen för gästfrihet i Norrköping.

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