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Simon Söderholm

PhD student



Simon Söderholm (2023) Exploring the tissue-specific nature of the Wnt cell signaling system: The complex world of cell communication and the search for the Achilles heel of cancer
Pierfrancesco Pagella, Simon Söderholm, Anna Nordin, Gianluca Zambanini, Valeria Ghezzi, Amaia Jauregi Miguel, Claudio Cantù (2023) The time-resolved genomic impact of Wnt/(3-catenin signaling CELL SYSTEMS, Vol. 14, p. 563-581.e7 Continue to DOI
Simon Söderholm, Amaia Jauregi Miguel, Pierfrancesco Pagella, Valeria Ghezzi, Gianluca Zambanini, Anna Nordin, Claudio Cantù (2023) Single-cell response to Wnt signaling activation reveals uncoupling of Wnt target gene expression Experimental Cell Research, Vol. 429, Article 113646 Continue to DOI


Giulia Pizzolato, Lavanya Moparthi, Simon Söderholm, Claudio Cantù, Stefan Koch (2022) The oncogenic transcription factor FOXQ1 is a differential regulator of Wnt target genes Journal of Cell Science, Vol. 135, Article jcs260082 Continue to DOI
Riccardo Barchiesi, Kanat Chanthongdee, Michele Petrella, Li Xu, Simon Söderholm, Esi Domi, Gaëlle Augier, Andrea Coppola, Joost Wiskerke, Ilona Szczot, Ana Domi, Louise Adermark, Eric Augier, Claudio Cantù, Markus Heilig, Estelle Barbier (2022) An epigenetic mechanism for over-consolidation of fear memories Molecular Psychiatry, Vol. 27, p. 4893-4904 Continue to DOI