Division of Molecular Medicine and Virology (MMV)

At the Division of Molecular Medicine and Virology our research focus is on the understanding how different factors and signaling pathway regulate cells and tissue development and to understand how different viruses infect and affect cellular functions and our immune system.

The research involves studies on the molecular biology level as well as studies of biological effects on cells, on tissue, and organisms. The aim and goal with the research is to gain new knowledge and use it to to find new ways to prevent, diagnose and cure disease.

The division is involved in medical and biomedical education programs, both at undergraduate and Master’s level, as well as in education of PhD-students and post-doctoral fellows. The aim is to provide the students a knowledge and interest to continue with research within our research fields.



Two researchers seen through door, marked with warning signs about contagious materials.

Nasal spray with antibodies could prevent COVID-19

Researchers at BKV have participated in a large study in which an international research team has shown that IgA antibodies in the nasal mucosa can protect mice against infection with SARS-Cov-2. Their results were published in the journal PNAS.

People drinking coffee.

Beans to genes: WCMM study on coffee and heart health

With 2.25 billion daily consumers worldwide, coffee is a ubiquitous behavioural stimulant. However, coffee's clinical impact on cardiovascular health remains uncertain. Supported by WCMM, researchers will now explore coffee's impact on heart health.

Three women laughing on a sofa.

BKV triples its commitment to gender equality and equal opportunities

BKV doesn't stand still when it comes to equal opportunities – they triple their commitment! Emma, Sandra, and Francisca are the trio that now wants to make the workplace menstruation friendly as part of their gender equality efforts.

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