Photo of Sofie Lindeberg

Sofie Lindeberg

PhD student

In my dissertation I explore a heritage as a process in a local context through the actions of and negotiations between actors in different times and contexts.

From industry to heritage

My dissertation explores new perspectives on heritage as a process in a local context. The aim is to analyze how cultural heritage and its meanings is created over time through the actions of, and negotiations between, local actors and how this process leads to inclusion and exclusion.

I investigate processes where different actors over one hundred and one years have archived, collected, published stories, and creates exhibits in relation to a specific topic: the fur business in the Swedish town Tranås. Central to the research is who and what is remembered or forgotten when a local cultural heritage is created by certain actors who act and negotiate in specific contexts and times.

My other research

In 2020 I contributed to a project in local history called “Risinge – mitt i världen” (eng: “Risinge – in the middle of the world”). My role in the project was to write an overview of literature and previous research. The project is financed by Olof Skoglund’s foundation and was led by professor Hans Nilsson.

Academic background

Previously I have studied subjects such as cultural studies, sustainable development, fashion studies and history. I have a Bachelor’s degree in fashion studies, and a master’s degree in economic history.