Photo of Stina Mauritzon

Stina Mauritzon

PhD student

My focus is on analysing blood flow measurements from the cerebral blood flow at a capillary level, with the aim of finding pathological and/or physiological patterns that can help prevent secondary brain injury.

Monitoring of the blood flow in the brain using biomedical optics

I measure and analyse laser Doppler signals from the microcirculation in the brain on patients in the neurointensive care unit.

The goal is to find pathological and/or physiological patterns that can lead to earlier indications of secondary brain injury than possible using present methods. I also help practically in other projects where I work both with hardware and software.



Phone number: +46 10 1033775



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Stina Mauritzon, Fredrik Ginstman, Jan Hillman, Karin Wårdell (2020) Processing of laser Doppler signals from neurointensive care monitoring