Senior Research Officer and EU project expert

I am EU Senior Research Officer and responsible for EU-funded research projects at Linköping University. I am also a Visiting Senior Lecturer at the division of Engineering materials.

EU Senior Research Officer

My main role consists of managing EU-funded research projects at Lnköping University.

My other roles include providing a number of services to researchers as well as practical advice and guidance regarding funding opportunities, proposal writing and submission, financing, reporting, monitoring expenditure.

Currently, I am the designated Project Manager of three EU collaborative projects in the areas of Transport (Aerospace), Health and Biology/Environment. I am also coordinator and principal investigator for one of the projects (Transport).

Thermo-mechanical fatigue initiation and propagation, and damage mechanisms in high temperature materials

My research interests include physical metallurgy of high performance alloys, their deformation and damage mechanisms, fatigue, residual stress and shot peening, dwell crack growth, oxidation and corrosion.

My primary research objective is to understand behaviour of nickel-based superalloys under complex conditions such as thermo-mechanical fatigue (TMF), dwell crack growth and oxidation.

TMF is a failure mechanism caused by combined thermal and mechanical loading cycles where both stresses and temperature vary with time.

My research leads the way in understanding of damage and deformation mechanisms in gas turbine materials to develop modelling and lifing strategies through innovative experimental and characterisation techniques. These techniques include advanced test systems capable of replicating TMF conditions from the actual component features, a newly developed non-invasive temperature monitoring method, 3D tomography, FIB-SEM/TEM, etc. 

Currently, I am leading a EU project that focuses on, among other objectives, to develop and validate TMF crack growth test method, which is still an emerging field and not yet covered by a national/international standard or code of practice.

Commitments at LiU

  • Guest Senior Lecturer at the division Engineering Materials
  • EU Senior Research Officer at Grants Office

Research collaborations

  • Member of TMF Workshop 2016 Committee
  • Guest Editor of the special issue on Recent Developments in Thermo-mechanical Fatigue for International Journal of fatigue (JIJF)
  • Reviewer for International Journal of Fatigue, Materials Science and Technology, and Materials at High Temperature
  • EU Horizon 2020 evaluator and expert

External network

  • Member of the Swedish EU university network

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