Photo of Thanh Wang

Thanh Wang

Senior Associate Professor

I am interested in using mass spectrometric methods to detect various organic molecules, as well as understanding the distribution and fate of organic contaminants in the natural and built environment.

I am also affiliated with the Department of Thematic Studies - Environmental Change (TemaM).



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Yongting Li, Xin Wang, Qingqing Zhu, Yaqian Xu, Qiuguo Fu, Thanh Wang, Chunyang Liao, Guibin Jiang (2023) Organophosphate Flame Retardants in Pregnant Women: Sources, Occurrence, and Potential Risks to Pregnancy Outcomes Environmental Science and Technology Continue to DOI
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Florian Dubocq, Thanh Wang (2022) Extended characterization of the indoor dust chemical composition by retrospective suspect and non-target analysis of high resolution mass spectrometric data Journal of Environmental Exposure Assessment, Vol. 1, Article 22 Continue to DOI
Ivan A. Titaley, Lisandra Santiago Delgado Trine, Thanh Wang, Daniel Duberg, Eva L. Davis, Magnus Engwall, Staci L. Massey Simonich, Maria Larsson (2022) Extensive chemical and bioassay analysis of polycyclic aromatic compounds in a creosote-contaminated superfund soil following steam enhanced extraction Environmental Pollution, Vol. 312, Article 120014 Continue to DOI

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