Photo of Therese Lindkvist

Therese Lindkvist

Senior Coordinator

International coordinator with a team leader role, and coordinates reception and farewell activities for international students and staff.

International coordinator

The International Office coordinates, amongst others, efforts regarding the welcome reception and information spreading to international students and staff. My role as team leader means to take advantage of synergies between the various target groups. More specific tasks are:

For students:

  • Farewell Ceremony – the graduation ceremony for international programme students
  • Welcome to LiU and Welcome Fair – welcome day for new international students
  • Career support for international programme students.

For staff:

  • Contact person for the European network Euraxess
  • Convener for the Network for International Staff Support at LiU
  • Career support for PhD students
  • Other efforts, such as integration, strategic recruitment and so forth.


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