Head of unit and premises manager at the Department of Management and Engineering (IEI)

I am head of the Unit for Education and Research (the operational administration) at IEI. I am also responsible for IEI premises, and for the physical work environment in the department.

The Unit for Education and Research is to support the department’s core activities, and as a centre of higher education we are to work together to reach our common objectives.

The role as premises manager means that I form the contact between the department and the university’s Properties Division and our property owners. As premises manager I want to work in a proactive manner and ensure that the premises satisfy the ever-changing requirements of our operations. The premises are also to be inviting, and make visible our operations for guests and collaboration partners who visit.


Head of unit for the administrators and coordinators who are working with undergraduate education and research in the department at the Unit for Education and Research in the Division for Administrative and Academic Support (VS).

Responsible for premises rented by the department, and for the physical work environment.

Contact for the purchasing of:

  • AV equipment
  • Digital technical aids
  • Ergonomic technical aids
  • Furniture and fittings
  • Adaptation of premises

Other information

On-call administrator

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