Photo of Madelene Persson Holmström

Madelene Persson Holmström


Coordinator in the IEI office. I focus in my work on infrastructure and the physical work environment in the department.

Coordinator in the Department of Management and Engineering (IEI) office 

I work in the central administration at the department with a focus on infrastructure and the physical work environment.

My work at IEI is to coordinate and develop the office to meet future requirements, and to create an appropriate and quality-assured central administration. I have two main duties in the departmental office: work associated with the complete chain of co-worker administrative infrastructure before, during and after employment, and work with the physical work environment and premises coordination in the department.

My duties with respect to infrastructure are to be responsible for account management and mailing lists in the department, and to manage its telephones. The work involves acting as contact for the HR services in such matters before co-workers are introduced to LiU and when they leave. I also conduct a close dialogue with the IT Division about co-worker information security, and the purchasing and decommissioning of telephones.

In the part of my work that deals with the physical work environment and premises, I contribute to creating the conditions required for co-workers in the department to carry out their tasks in research, collaboration and teaching. The day-to-day work includes purchasing of furniture, fittings and equipment, contact with suppliers, and collaboration with cleaning services and the Logistics and Facilities Support Office. My tasks also include acting as secretary in meeting forums.

I work closely with the HR services in the department, and with the premises manager and other administrative personnel.

Infrastructure and premisis at IEI