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Digitalisation transform the public sector. Organisations must develop capabilities to control development and manage the result. In close collaboration with organisations, I seek practical knowledge about sustainable governance of digital resources.

Information systems and digitalisation

Digitalisation can open many opportunities within organisations and many consider it to be a key to innovation, increased efficiency, simplification and organisational development. If this process is to be sustainable, we must gain knowledge of how to govern and maintainour digital resources.


My research deals with how digital resources are handled in organisations from a governance perspective.

To be more specific, I study how to organise in order to achieve this. My doctoral project aims to increase understanding of what happens when new models for governance of digital resources are introduced. The study follows two cases whereportfolio management of digital resources is introduced in Swedish public sector organisations. is the results of my project are expected to increase our understanding of the introduction of governance models and the opportunities, challenges and effects that arise when models meet reality.

I am interested in how we can utilise the possibilities of digitalisation as a strategic asset in organisations. Research into information systems demonstrate the effectiveness of approaching this challenge from different perspectives to shed light on the interaction between people, technology and organisations.

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IT governance and organisational culture

We work in close collaboration with both public sector and private companies to study the governance and management of IT.



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As doctoral student in the Division of Information Systems and Digitalisation, I participate in teaching on the bachelor programme in information systems analysis, and on the master’s programme in IT and management.

In these programmes, I teach on courses in IT governance, organisational development and digitalisation, sustainable IT projects and IT governance, databases and data modelling, and enterprise systems.

During my period as doctoral student I have been responsible for several courses and have devoted some time to extending the range of courses offered.

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Summary CV

  • Master’s degree in IT and management, LiU (2012-2014)
  • Bachelor’s degree in information systems analysis, LiU (2009-2012)

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