IT governance and organisational culture

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IT governance is the art of managing IT som that it adds as much value to the operations as possible.

At LiU, we work in close collaboration with public sector and private sector organizations to study the governance and management by and of IT. We want to contribute to knowledge of how IT systems are developed and used by people in organisations and in society. A vital part of the research is the study of the interaction between person, technology and organisation.

Our research

Examples of study topics..

  • how IT and digitalization can be used to spread and reinforce the company culture within IKEA
  • the way in which a large government agency uses and develops its management system using, among other things, an intranet as a central carrier of structures, processes and culture
  • the governance of several IT-systems (portfolios of systems) at Region Östergötland and at The Swedish Prison and Probation Service
  • how a medium-sized innovative company can keep its IT systems “neat and tidy”, and work with IT in a more strategic manner

Analysis of different stakeholders perspectives

Our research includes several subprojects and initiatives in Swedish government agencies, often with heterogeneous operations and responsibilities. We analyse for example the users of a management system, and study their perspectives and professions related to IT artefacts.

Another field that we study concerns how digital services are developed in a broader perspective in which several stakeholders are represented and in which many goals and perspectives must be considered in a process of development.

Researchers in this project