From fossil fuels to smarter and cleaner solutions

What is the role of established firms in switching from fossil fuels to smarter and cleaner solutions? And how can electrified trucks become a reality?

My research explores how to accelerate innovations that make city logistics silent, smarter, and more sustainable. I have a background in public administration and innovation management and study how a broad range of stakeholders collaborate to electrify urban distribution systems. The central question is how truck manufacturers cooperate with logistic firms, utility companies, municipalities, and end-customers to realise fossil-free transport solutions.


Next to my research, I teach in Master-level courses on Innovation Management, Leadership, Entrepreneurship, and Corporate and Social Responsibility. One central element for me is using insights from my research on sustainability transitions in the Swedish industrial sector to connect students' learning with the great challenges of our time. I enjoy teaching at IEI because our students' diverse backgrounds and creativity enable me to learn more about our multifaceted and fast-changing world.



  • TEIO06 Innovative Entrepreneurship
  •  TEIO13 Leadership and Organizational Change
  • TEIO41 Corporate Social Responsibility
  • TEIO90 Innovation Management