The Energy Efficiency Potential in Swedish Buildings Built Before 1945

Buildings built before 1945 stand for a third of the buildings stock in Sweden. The objective of my research project is to analyse how the techno-economic savings potential is influenced by cultural and historical values in this sector, and also the building physics.

I am a research assistant at the Division of Energy Systems. My work is based on the energy savings potential in Swedish buildings built before 1945. The buildings in this sector stand for a third of the total building stock, and probably for an even larger proportion of the energy use.  Thereby, the energy conservation potential is large.

My research is interdisciplinary; I collaborate with a research team from Uppsala University, Sweden, with competences within conservation values. The project aims to provide data that can be implemented as instruments for the studied building stock. The focus is on decreasing the energy use within the building sector, but also take  into account the cultural and historical values.


The energy systems research within the project ’Save and Preserve