Photo of Xenofon Strakosas

Xenofon Strakosas

Assistant Professor



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Electronic medicine – at the intersection of technology and medicine

Swedish researchers have developed a gel that can form a soft electrode capable of conducting electricity. In the long term, they aim to connect electronics to biological tissue, such as the brain.

Researcher (Xenofon Strakosas) by a microscope.

Ten million donation for research position in electronic medicine

The Stig Wadström Foundation is donating around SEK ten million to LiU, to fund a research position in electronic medicine. The researcher chosen for this position is Xenophon Strakosas at the Laboratory of Organic Electronics in Norrköping.

Four persons walking next to each other.

LiU research one of the biggest breakthroughs of the year

The magazine Physics World has named LiU research one of the year’s major breakthroughs in physics. In their study, carried out at the Laboratory of Organic Electronics, the researchers showed that soft electrodes can be grown in living tissue.