For your publications to be read, it is important that your readers can easily find them. As a researcher there is much you can do to help readers find your publications and thereby increase their impact.

Make your publications visible with DiVA

By registering your publications in DIVA – the online repository used by LiU – and uploading full text versions of your articles (parallel publishing), your publications will become more visible. 

Use social media to disseminate research 

Social media, primarily Twitter and LinkedIn but also Facebook, can be used for research dissemination and as channels to reach other researchers. If your publication has a DOI, it is recommended that you include that. If you are on multiple social media platforms, it is a good idea to connect them to each other.

Use ResearchGate to interact with others

Academic social networking sites, such as ResearchGate, facilitate interaction with other researchers. They can be used for monitoring purposes and for disseminating research. A requirement for you to disseminate your publications on social networking sites is that you have the right to do so.

Library blog

How researchers can work with scholarly communication and science communication is a recurrent topic on the Linköping University Library blog. There you can find tips on how to write a dissemination plan and how to make efficient use of ResearchGate.