Research support

Linköping University Library can provide support throughout the research process, including access to scholarly material and advice regarding publishing. There are several techniques and tools available that can increase the visibility of your research.

Access to publications

The library offers print collections as well as comprehensive online collections of e-journals, e-books, and databases. If a specific resource is not included in our collections, you can usually acquire it through us as an interlibrary loan free of charge. You can book us for individualized search support, for example to receive tips on how to optimize your searches in databases.

Advice and support throughout the research process

When applying for research funds

When you are about to apply for research funding, doing a systematic review of the literature is a good start. The library can offer advice on how to conduct a literature search. If your application includes a data management plan or bibliometric data, we can offer support in these areas as well.

When writing

A reference management program can be a useful tool during the writing process, allowing you to keep track of the publications you are using and by creating references in your word processor. The library offers introductions to the reference management programs EndNote and Zotero. The library can also offer advice on how to avoid plagiarizing and self-plagiarizing as well as issues pertaining to copyright and Creative Commons licenses.

When you are about to publish

The library can help you to choose the right journal for your manuscript, advise you on Open Access issues, and how to avoid publishing in questionable journals. When you publish Open Access, you can get a discount on publishing fees from the library.

As a researcher at LiU, you can now get the publication fee paid when publishing in pure Open Access journals. Read more! 


Disseminating your research

By registering your publications in DiVA, you make them more visible online and throughout the research community. By parallel publishing your articles, you increase their visibility even further. The library can also advise you on how to disseminate your research through social media and research networks.

Tools online

LiU Journal Inspiration 
Find the right journal to publish in with LiU Journal Inspiration.

LiU Journal Check Up
Use LiU Journal Check Up to evaluate a journal before you submit a manuscript, accept an assignment as a reviewer or an editor.

LiU Publication Visibility
Make your publications more visible! Find out which ones you can parallel publish in DiVA.


We are happy to receive invitations to hold presentations or workshops.

Research support services
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