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Music at Linköping University is an independent centre within the Communications and Marketing Division at Linköping University, and is headed by Director musices Christina Hörnell.

Music at Linköping University includes the Linköping University Male Voice Choir, Linköping University Women’s Choir, Linköping University Symphony Orchestra and Linköping University Chamber Choir. In addition to producing 15 to 20 concerts annually, the centre offers courses in choral singing and orchestral performance at various levels.

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Peter Holgersson AB

The final is finally here!

This is the second edition of the Linköpings Studentsångare Composition Award. The competition is for female composers who write music for male choirs, with the aim of enriching and developing current male choir art. The three finalists: Ingunn Ligaarden, Linnea Landström and María del Pilar A. Miralles Castillo, were announced on 8 March. November 28th it is time to announce the winner!

This year’s finalists highlight current societal challenges, and have created music that reflects both hope and vulnerability. The final, like much else, will not be as planned this year, and instead of a concert, everyone can follow the Linköpings Studentsångare Composition Award 2020 digitally.

More information - Facebook event.

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