Linköping Academic Orchestra

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Linköping Academic Orchestra, LAO, is the university's own symphony orchestra. The orchestra is open for students and employees at LiU. The orchestra gives concerts with varying repertoire, both on its own and in cooperation with soloists, other orchestras or choirs.

Linköping Academic Orchestra is conducted by Merete Ellegard, who is a highly educated and experienced conductor. She is the orchestra's artistic director and as such she’s responsible for the development of the orchestras repertoire, cooperation with our inspiring instrumental coaches and soloists.

After acceptance to the orchestra by audition you can also choose to participate in ”Orkesterspel 30 credits", which gives 7.5 credits per semester. The course is open to those who have general qualifications for university studies and have qualified for the orchestra after an audition. (However, you don’t have to take the course to be a member of the orchestra.)

The Linköping University Chamber Choir

Östgöta Kammarkör (The Linköping University Chamber Choir) was formed in 1989 and the choir is associated with Linköping University, being a part of Musik vid LiU. The choir members, who come from every corner of the county of Östergötland, all have impressive choral experience. In addition, they bring varied experience and come from many backgrounds, with approximately half of the singers having studied music to become professional musicians. The repertoire is taken from classical western music, with an emphasis on a cappella choral music, major choral pieces, and musical drama performed with an orchestra. The choir has given the first public performance of the works of many Swedish composers and is in continuous collaboration with orchestras in the region. In 2019 Östgöta Kammarkör was celebrating its 30th anniversary as an ensemble with a new CD.

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The Linköping University Women's Choir

The Linköping University Women's Choir sings
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The female choir at the Linköping University. It was formed in 1997 on the initiative of the male choir Linköpings Studentsångare (called LiHkören at that time) and their conductor Hans Lundgren. Linnea was intended to give female choral singers the same opportunities to sing together at the university as men, and to open the possibility for a large mixed choir with both choirs on occasions.

Linnea has currently around 40 singers, and the repertoire contains mainly classical choral pieces for female choir, spanning from 4 to 8 voices. The choir also works with many other genres and styles and remains curious about what is going on in the world of female choirs and the repertoire they enjoy. It hosts a variety of concerts throughout the year, two highlights of which are the traditional Lucia celebration on 13 December and the charity concert on 8 March, International Women’s Day. During the latter concert, the choir collects money to support work helping and supporting abused women in Linköping.

The Linköping University Male Voice Choir

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Linköpings Studentsångare was founded in 1972. The choir has since then developed both musically and organizationally, and it is today regarded as one of the best male voice choirs in Sweden. The singers are recruited both from within the university and outside, to ensure the highest possible musical quality. The choir consists of approximately 60 singers, properly dressed in tails.

The repertoire contains mainly classical choral pieces for male choir, a cappella and with orchestra. Our traditions include celebrating Valborg on Walpurgis’s night in a traditional Swedish way with songs that celebrate the spring. Student caps are compulsory! Our annual Christmas concerts, in St. Lars Church, are also an appreciated contribution to Linkoping’s cultural life.

The choir has taken many tours abroad.

Other ensembles at Linköping University

There's a lot of student orchestras and choirs at LiU. Here's a few of them:

Lithe blås - Student orchestra
SKÖN - Student choir in Norrköping
Chorus Lin - Student choir in Linköping
Lihtösen - Student women's choir
Linkoping indie choir- Student choir that sings alternative pop music
Lusen Big Band - Student musical ensemble 
Strängar och rör - An association for traditional and world music at Linköpings University

Orchestra in yellow jackets on a street.
Lithe Blås Göran Billeson
SKÖN - Norrkoping student choir
SKÖN - Norrkoping student choir
The orchestra Strängar och rör (Strings and pipes)
The orchestra Strängar och rör (Strings and pipes) Picasa
LiHtosen - Student Choir
Chorus Lin
Chorus Lin - Student Choir