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NSSS XI is being held in Linköping, Sweden, Thursday May 29th until Sunday June 2st 2025! 

The hosting choirs are the same that did it back in 2011, that is: Linköpings Studentsångare, Den akademiska damkören Linnea, LiHtösen, Chorus Lin and SKÖN. 

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The first meeting in modern times was arranged by the student choirs at Linköping University, Sweden, 1987. The NSSS purpose is to gather Nordic and Baltic academic choirs in forms of friendship and joy and events of high musical and social quality. NSSS is arranged every third year by local arrangers.

It was called Nordiska Studentsångarmötet and was an effort to revive the events from the 19th century when choirs from the old universities crossed through Scandinavia by train or boat to sing with and for each other.
The first gatherings focused on social and pedagogical events. From 1996, when in Copenhagen 1400 singers performed Carl Orff's Carmina Burana and in Tallinn Beethoven's 9th symphony the festivals have turned into public events. In Lapeenranta the singers performed two premièrs; Leif Segerstam's Symphony 111 and Marcus Fagerudd's Das Lied des Wassers under the direction of Leif Segerstam.
In Stavanger in 2008 again, the joint choirs performed Carl Orff's Carmina Burana and in Linköping 2011 the Gala Concert programme focused on a cappella music for male, female, and mixed choirs. Two opera choruses from Carmen and Aida were performed with symphony orchestra.

The NSSS purpose, goals and general advice

In Lapeenranta 2005 some of the music directors of the choirs decided to propose some goals for upcoming summits. Therefore the purpose document below was created.

NSSS’s purpose

The NSSS purpose is to gather Nordic and Baltic academic choirs in forms of friendship and joy and events of high musical and social quality. NSSS is arranged every third year by local arrangers.

General goals

• At NSSS the well-being of the choruses and the choristers is the most essential issue. All activities shall promote the choirs and the choral music. The choruses’ or choristers’ positive experiences of the event must never be ignored by interests of practical or economical nature.
• At NSSS some of the very best Nordic and Baltic choirs are gathered. Therefore the music work should be progressive and of good quality.
• At NSSS choirs with distinct traditions are gathered. The music work should therefore pay respect and attention to those.
• At NSSS mixed, male and female choruses are gathered. The joint repertoire therefore should consist of music for all these kinds of choirs.
• Sheet music to be distributed should be shipped before October the year before the NSSS.
The music directors can be invited to a meeting in the host country two years before the summit. At this meeting the music content will be discussed and planned.

General advice

  • Maintain good voice hygiene, through daily warm-ups and good acoustics in the concert halls.
  • Inform guest conductors, musicians and lecturers about the NSSS purpose so that no misunderstandings prevail.
  • Inform the participants in due time about which standard repertoire is to be used during ceremonies and parties so that the choirs are given a chance to prepare it.

Contact and information


2025 Linköping, Sweden

Previous NSSS

• 2023 was cancelled
• 2020 was cancelled
• X 2017 Uleåborg/Oulu, Finland May 4-7
• IX 2014 Tartu, Estonia, April 24-27
• VIII 2011 Linköping, Sweden May 5-8
• VII 2008 Stavanger April 17-20
• VI 2005 Villmanstrand/Lappeenranta April 21-23
• 2002 NSSS was cancelled
• V 1999 Tallinn, Estonia April 8-10
• IV 1996 København, Denmark April 12-14
• III 1993 Trondheim, Norway April 2-4
• II 1990 Åbo/Turku, Finland
• I 1987 Linköping, Sweden June 12-14

Choirs that have attended NSSS

Top participants


Florakören vid Åbo Akademi, Finland
Linköpings Studentsångare, Sweden
Studentkören Brahe Djäknar, Finland


Den Norske Sudentersangforening, Norway


Akademiska damkören Lyran, Finland
Akademiska sångföreningen, Finland
Kvindelige studenters sangforening, Norway
Lappeenrannan Teekkarilaulajat, Finland
Trondhjems studentersangforening (TSS), Norway
Turun yliopiston ylioppilaskunnan kuoro, Finland