On this website you can see Linköping University's single subject courses in Chinese language. The courses start with beginners in mind and continue to more advanced courses aimed at professionals. We also offer courses about China and Chinese culture.

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Standard Chinese, often called just Mandarin, is spoken by over a billion people, mostly in China, but also in other parts of South-East Asia and internationally. Because of economic development in recent decades, Chinese has become an important language worldwide for business and other professional purposes, and the importance of understanding the Chinese-speaking world has increased in tandem.

Single subject courses at different levels

Learning Chinese can be useful for several reasons and on different levels, from being able to exchange pleasantries in a social context to using Chinese for professional purposes. Our courses start with beginners in mind, developing your language skills in both spoken and written Chinese with a special focus on a professional context, and then continue with more advanced courses aimed at professionals. We also offer courses about China and Chinese culture in Swedish.

Even a thousand-mile journey starts with a single step

Mastering Chinese takes time, but proficiency in a language is useful even if you are not fluent. Learning Chinese opens many doors and is a fascinating journey in and of itself! The more you know, the better, but even limited proficiency can be useful, and as Laozi (老子) wrote: “Even a thousand-mile journey starts with a single step” (千里之行,始于足下).

Diagram of the courses

Illustration of the courses within Chinese language.

Single subject courses in Chinese and related subjects

In the diagram you can see all our single subject courses in Chinese language and courses about China.

We start with those focusing on China and Chinese culture in Swedish, then beginner Chinese courses, and then more advanced Chinese courses in blue color. In the diagram, courses on the same language level are shown next to each other and you can see the color level of Chinese on the left.

The diagram is also presented as a pdf-file

Below the diagram, each course is described in more detail with links to the university catalogue where you can find more information about the course, including the syllabus.

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Chinese characters

China - Culture, Thought, and Language, 5 credits

Chart and Chinese flag

China Today - the New Superpower, 5 credits

Intercultural Business Communication

Intercultural Business Communication, 7.5 credits

Three happy women holding speech bubbles.

Chinese for Professional Purposes 1A - Beginner course in oral proficiency, 7.5 credits

Do you want to learn to talk with a billion people? Would practical skills in Mandarin Chinese be useful for you? This course is aimed at beginners, and teaches the fundamentals of spoken Chinese with a focus on communication and practical applica...

Chinese characters

Chinese for Professional Purposes 1B - Beginner course in written proficiency, 7.5 credits

Do you want to  know how the Chinese writing system works and how it’s used in a modern, digital society? Chinese is the oldest writing system still in use, and this course will teach you about its origins and how it’s used to communicate in moder...

Three Chinese in front of a laptop.

Chinese for Professional Purposes 2A - Continuation course in oral proficiency, 7.5 credits

Have you learnt some Chinese and want to make it more useful in a professional context?This course is for those who have already studied some Chinese, and aims to develop oral proficiency, especially applied professional contexts. The course is ce...

Chinese characters and a pen.

Chinese for Professional Purposes 2B - Continuation course in written proficiency, 7.5 credits

Have you learnt the basics of written Chinese and want to develop your skills further to make them more useful in a professional context?This course is for those who have already studied some Chinese, and aims to develop written proficiency, espec...

three happy people having meeting

Chinese for Professional Purposes 3 - Oral and written communication, 7.5 credits

Proficiency in Mandarin Chinese is useful in a variety of professions and contexts. This course is aimed at students who have acquired basic skills in spoken and written Chinese corresponding to at least 30 credits (one semester of full-time study...

Chinese businesswoman shakes hands with collaborator.

Chinese for Business Purposes, 7.5 credits

Have you learned some Chinese and want to further develop your skills to make them practically useful in business?This course aims to build upon your basic knowledge of Chinese (equivalent to approximately 300 hours of study) and develop it for co...

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