In the Energy Conversion and Energy Storage Laboratory there is space for labb scale and full scale models of typical network of home appliances and other devices consuming power.

Picture of dual clutch transmissionThe L-building is also prepared for alternative energy sources such as solar panels or wind turbines. This will enable realistic experiments with load prediction and smart grid technology.

In another application battery cells or complete packs can be studied for modeling purposes, load balancing or diagnosis. In a project funded by the Swedish Energy Agency this lab is to be used to study the possible benefits of having access to an electric vehicle as a backup power source to enable a more flexible scheduling of power consumption.

Student projects

As a general purpose lab-area the lab can also be used for student projects and as an example the lab has been used in a project studying control of an electromechanical actuation system for a dual clutch transmission. In the future we may see a full scale transmission rig used for clutch modeling and control.


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