Autonomous systems

Next industrial revolution is here

autonoma system
Robots and humans will work together, side by side. Göran Billeson

Systems with a high degree of autonomy can not only act together with people, but can also draw their own conclusions and learn from their experiences. The area includes a large number of different research areas, where LiU researchers are on the leading edge. Examples are computer vision, vehicles, artificial intelligence, sensor fusion, and scientific visualisation.

Autonomous cars and trucks, cognitive companions, smart rescue systems, intelligent transport systems and products that build themselves are just a few examples of what the future has to offer. Development is taking place in leaps and bounds.

In the summer of 2015 the Wallenberg Autonomous Systems Program, WASP, was launched - an investment in building knowledge for the future worth SEK 4 billion over eleven years. Linköping University is the host university, but a large number of researchers from Chalmers, KTH, the University of Lund and Umeå University are also participating in the program.



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