With this conference, we aim to highlight research within the area of advanced functional materials, to establish new projects and collaborations and to discuss challenges and opportunitites within materials sciences in the Nordic countries and more internationally.

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The scope of the conference

Materials science of novel ceramics, metals, polymers, organic compounds, nanotechnology, advanced surfaces. For example:

  • novel high-performance soft, hard, and hybrid smart materials
  • photovoltaic energy conversion with polymeric solar cells
  • reduced friction in engines
  • efficient light sources
  • new materials for scalable electrical energy storage in a low-carbon economy is addressed by utilization of renewable biopolymers
  • modeling and data-driven design of advanced materials


With a support from a Strategic area grant provided by the Swedish government, Linkoping University has established an International interdisciplinary laboratory for Advanced Functional Materials (AFM).

AFM consists of 240 researchers who work together in interactive teams. We envision that science focused on the atomic/molecular scale design of new materials will provide solutions to broadly-based societal issues, including work opportunities, health, energy, environment, and sustainability.

More information on the Strategic research area “Advanced Functional Materials”, including staff active within, please visit our AFM web page at Linköping University.

Impressions from the AFM 2022

Practical information, registration and abstracts

Registration and abstract submission

Conference itinerary and abstracts


The AFM 2024 conference is organised by the international interdisciplinary laboratory for advanced functional materials (AFM) at Linköping University.

Organising committee

  • Caroline Brommesson

Venue and time

Time: 20-22 August

Venue: Vildmarkshotellet Kolmården


Most welcome to participate as exhibitor at the AFM 2024!

For details and more information, please contact the organisers.

Keynote speakers

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