The long journey - we want to hear your story

The aim of the research project The Long Journey is to better understand the situation of children who come to Sweden as refugees, and what they need in order to thrive.

Research project The long journey - photo of a teenage girl. Photo credit DjangoThe project the Long Journey is managed by Barnafrid at Linköping University. Barnafrid is a national knowledge centre in the field of child abuse. The research project will contain several sub-studies.


Children´s hands on a map.Photo: Pixabay
The studies involve teenagers and young adults who have migrated, with or without their families, to Sweden, and its purpose is to investigate their exposure to violence, their health, and the support they received. The aim is to better understand the situation of children who come to Sweden as refugees, and what they require in order to feel well.
We also want to increase knowledge about this important field. The aim is also to make the research relevant for and accessible to everyone who comes in contact with children and young adults with an immigrant background.

How it works

The study participants will be interviewed by us. They will tell us about their background, their journey to Sweden and how they feel right now. We also ask specific questions about what support they have had – or would like to have had – after their arrival in Sweden.

Who is behind the project?

Child holding the globe in hands.  Photo: Pixabay The project is a collaboration between Barnafrid, Flyktingmedicinskt Centrum (Refugee Health Centre) and Save the Children Sweden. It receives funding from the Swedish state (through FORTE) and from the Queen Silvia Jubilee Fund. Chief investigator is Professor Laura Korhonen, and the project has been approved by the Ethics Review Board (Ref. nos. 2018/504-32 and 2019-05473).

Want to take part in the study?

Please contact Erica Mattelin ( or Johan Andersson (

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