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Potentiometric measurements using electrochemical nanosensors.

The application of nanostructures as electrochemical sensors is another challenging area of research within our activity in Physical electronics and nano technology group.

We use nano-structures, at present, mainly ZnO nano-wires and nanotubes, to develop proto-type sensitive selective sensors that operate in small volumes of the analyte in question, and can perform real time analysis for specifically physiological species.

An example of this is the intracellular electrochemical nano-sensor developed recently. This is an intracellular electrochemical nano-sensor that can accurately measure the pH, most important metal ions, glucose and cholesterol of the cell, and hence detect the health condition of the cell. We expect such devices to help in performing local detection and treatment.

We are developing such device to later include an optical component to kill a specific cancerous cell after the detection. We are also proposing similar devices to treat damaged neurons sectors in the nerve system.



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