Business models for sustainable logistics

The concept of a “business model” is a broad one, including companies’ internal work as well as their relationships with customers and suppliers. That’s why we explore this exciting concept in our research.

Companies in product and transportation chains have different kinds of business models, so sustainable business models can also vary in nature. For retail companies who buy logistics services, the focus is on prioritising and achieving good procurement. For logistics companies, logistics is, of course, already a central part of the business model – but it can be improved in different ways. Logistics is, therefore, often part of a sustainability strategy. But such a strategy may also be about collaborating with customers or prioritising internal sustainability and the development of new services. For logistics companies, part of whose work is transportation, important elements of sustainable solutions include working with alternative fuels and planning for maximally efficient use of their transportation.

Sustainable supply chains are one of our eight research areas in climate smart transport systems.

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