Climate Change Policy Integration in Local Policy and Planning (CLIPP)

Debatt om vattennära-

The projects targets climate transitions for emission-reductions and adaptation in local spatial planning. Spatial planning is identified as a key arena for a more coordinated and strategic approach to climate change, linking goals, ambitions and considerations.

The project focuses on policy synergies and conflicts, formal and informal institutional conditions that affect spatial planning from strategic comprehensive planning to concrete development plans when it comes to waterfront housing and sustainable transportation. The aim is to identify key drivers and measures that support more efficient climate transitions.

Research questions concern

The linking of goals and visions in planning

1. Drivers and barriers for change
2. Integrating climate change in spatial planning practice
3. How can more efficient transitions be supported. Case-studies are done in Karlstad, Sundsvall and Vellinge.

We also target the interaction between private and public actors in urban planning and the role of politics in facilitating transitions.