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Rebecca Böhme.

Three LiU researchers share SEK 53 million from the ERC

Three researchers at LiU have received European Research Council Starting grants awarded to promising researchers. Their research areas are new cancer treatment, materials development and how people are affected by grief.

Rebecca Böhme, Adam Enmalm and Reinoud Kaldewaij sit and monitor a scan at CMIV, Campus US.

"We have realized the importance of touch"

Research on the social aspect of touch has received a great deal of attention during the COVID-19 pandemic. Rebecca Böhme, researcher at CSAN, focuses on this sense which is considered to be the first we use, already as a fetus inside the womb.

a coarse brush is applied to the back of the hand

SEK 64 million to research in medicine and health

Fourteen researchers at LiU have received grants totalling more than SEK 64 million. This is the result when the Swedish Research Council has awarded nearly SEK 1.1 billion in research grants for the medical and health sciences.