Seminar series arranged by Linnaeus Centre HEAD in collaboration with the Disability Research Division at Linköping University.

Lectures are planned to take place on the following dates at 13:15 on Zoom, (777-453-534).




18 May

Speaker 1: Ivo Tordorov, PhD, Department of Learning, Informatics, Management, and Ethics, Karolinska institutet.
Title: TBA

Speaker 2: Billy Gerdfedlter, Department of Psychology, Stockholm University.
Title: TBA

Speaker and title to be announced in advance at this site as well as on Twitter and Facebook.


For previous lectures (speaker + title) see below.

Speaker: Carine Signoret, PhD, Department of Behavioural Sciences and Learning, Linköping University.
Title: How does prosody affect speech perception?



23 March, 2022

Speaker 1: Ariane Laplante-Lévesque

Title: A public health perspective on hearing care.


Speaker 2: Åsa Elwér

Title: Text adaptations for improved reading comprehension for students with intellectual disabilities and dyslexia.



16 February, 2022

Speaker 1: Lina Homman, PhD, Department of Behavioural Sciences and Learning, Linköping University.

Title: A cognitive model of hearing and not hearing -Testing the parameters of the ELU model.


Speaker 2: Carlos Eduardo Tirado Aldana, PhD. Department of Psychology, Stockholm University.
Title: The psychophysics of human echolocation.




8 December
Speaker: Dr. Cecilia Nakeva von Mentzer, School of Health Sciences, University of Örebro.

Title: Children with Speech Sound Disorder: Hearing, Listening and Communicative participation.




20 October

Speaker: Professor Chris Jarrold, School of Psychological Science, University of Bristol.

Title: Measuring the interactions between working memory and inhibitory control in young children.





22 September

Speaker: Professor Emily Farran, School of Psychology, University of Surrey. 

Title: Spatial Exploration and Navigation in Down Syndrome and Williams Syndrome.



19 May

Speaker: Prof. Dr. Benjamin Nagengast, Hector Research Institute of Education Sciences and Psychology University of Tübingen, Germany.

Title: Fostering students’ motivation in math with short relevance interventions? Results from two cluster-randomized trials.



14 April

Speaker: Monica Melby-Lervåg, Department of Special needs education, University of Oslo.

Title: Is a procedural learning deficit a causal risk factor for developmental language disorder or dyslexia? A meta-analytic review.



17 February

Speaker: Dr M. Faham, Shiraz University of Medical Sciences, Iran.

Title: Combined Modality Treatment for Adductor Spasmodic Dysphonia: Effects over time.



18 November

Speaker: Adam Helles, Linköping University

Title: Asperger syndrome into adulthood.


21 October

Speaker 1: Georgios Stavrinos, PhD, Division of Psychology, Department of Behavior and Learning, Linköping University.

Title: (1) Auditory Processing Disorder & Remote Microphone Hearing Aids" and (2) "Study Design for Phoneme Discrimination Training on Older Adults with Hearing Loss.

Speaker 2: George Pavlidis, PhD, Division of Ageing and Social Change, Department of Culture and Society, Linköping University.

Title: The relationship of social participation with cognitive and functional decline over the life-course: a case of ageism in the scientific discourse.



26 August

Speaker 1: Helena Taubner, PhD Health and Lifestyle with a specialisation in Disability Research, Halmstad University

Title: Aphasia and narrative agency – telling stories of self in the face of linguistic disabilities.

Speaker 2: Lina Homman, Division of Disability Research, Department of Behavioural Sciences and Learning, Linköping University.

Title: Alcohol and depression: Development and comorbidity in adolescents.



20 April

Speaker: Dr Douglas Sjöwall, Habilitation & Health and Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden.

Title: Cognitive functioning and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in children, adolescents and adults.



26 February

Speaker 1: Martha Shiell, Eriksholm Research, Oticon, Denmark.

Title: Listen where I look: Measuring eye-movements and listening comprehension in a natural dialogue.

Speaker 2: Erik Marsja, Division of Disability Research, Department of Behavioural Sciences and Learning, Linköping University, Sweden.

Title: A Multisensory Perspective on Attention Capture by Unexpected Stimuli.



15 January

Speaker: Negin Chehrehnegar, Linköping University.

Title: Comparison of cognitive behavioral functions among cognitively healthy individuals, patients with Mild Cognitive Impairments and patients with Alzheimer disease: developing a diagnostic model for MCI patients.