Nucleic Acids Technologies Lab (NAT-lab)


The Nucleic Acids Technologies Lab ( explores the use of nucleic acids as biorecognition molecules to develop highly specific and sensitive systems, with various detection modalities. Our ultimate goal is to generate diagnostic and therapeutic approaches with properties outside the scope of the existing technologies for their use in a broad range of applications. We have developed a platform for the identification of activatable probes for targeting human diseases with high incidence and mortality.  We exploit the tremendous diversity and widespread expression of nucleases for targeting several bacterial species (e.g. Sthapylococcus aureus) and pathological conditions such as cancer (e.g. breast cancer).

Our lab is working on three main research lines:
•    Screening of nuclease activity as biomarker for targeting diseases.
•    Adaptation of nucleic acid probes to several detection modalities.
•    Therapeutics based on nucleic acid probes.

The NAT-Lab  is part of the Wallenberg Centre for Molecular Medicine at Linköping University (WCMM).

Group leader: Frank Hernandez.