Network for Social and Cultural Research on Babies

Adult tenderly holds a baby's foot

The Network for Social and Cultural Research on Babies (Babynet) is an international open network focusing on the youngest of children and the wide array of questions concerning babies and babyhood. 

 We are inviting child and childhood researchers engaged in social and cultural research on the youngest of children to join the network. The goal is to arrange workshops and serve as a platform for connecting and creating smaller groups of researchers to work on common issues or projects. The plan is moreover, to arrange meetings annually where members can engage in common issues and participate in discussions and planning of activities by the network.

The network is established and led by Alex Orrmalm and Johanna Annerbäck and is currently located at The Department of Thematic Studies – Child studies at Linköpings University, Sweden. This website will function as a node to gather and disseminate information about the network, its activities, its members, news, research, and upcoming events. 



Join the network!

If you are interested in joining the network, or have any questions, you can reach us at the email addresses below. The network has no formal membership requirements attached to joining. If you decide to join you will be added to the email list for the network and will be able to both receive and share information on it. 

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