Postcolonial Feminisms

Postkoloniala feminismer

As one of the cutting edge and most politically significant areas in contemporary feminist research and advocacy, postcolonial feminism critically addresses the social, cultural, and artistic phenomena and movements as agents of epistemic, affective and political decolonization.

We focus on theoretical, methodological and applied investigations of transnational feminist movements, the North-South-semi-periphery feminist dialogues and debates, the imperial-colonial-neocolonial power asymmetries, the gender and sexual dimensions of the postcolonial Europe.

We see postcolonial feminism as an area further complicating the basic intersections of race, gender and class to include critical ethnicity, migrations and diasporas, indigeneity and subaterneity, the LGBTQ issues stemming from the post/neocolonial situations and the gender dimensions of the geopolitics and corpo-politics of knowledge, power, and perception.

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