ABOGRAFT: Antibiotic impregnated bone graft to reduce infections after hip replacement

ABOGRAFT logotype, a research project within the research group PRIO.

ABOGRAFT stands for Antibiotic impregnated BOne GRAFT.

What does it mean? 

The ABOGRAFT study is a multi-centre international study to explore the effects of local antibiotics to prevent joint infection in patients undergoing total joint replacement of the hip.

Overall aim

To reduce the number of patients suffering from prosthetic joint infection after hip replacement.


This is a pragmatic multi-centre international randomized and double-blinded study. Patients are allocated into two groups: the treatment group will receive antibiotic impregnated bone graft while the non-treatment group will receive a placebo. The study protocol will be submitted to BMJ Open. If, in the meantime you would like to have access to the full protocol, send us an email.


Contact us: jorg.schilcher@liu.se

Get involved: Does your centre want to join the ABOGRAFT consortium? Contact us!

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FAQ about the study

Why is this study important?

Bone allograft as a carrier?

What is our aim?

Which patients are eligible?

What is the antibiotic being used?

What is different from usual care?

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If you are undergoing an operation at your prosthetic hip your physician might have talked about the ABOGRAFT trial. You may have also been given a letter explaining what it means to participate in this research.
You can also find the information letter (in Swedish) and other information here.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact your doctor or our research nurses.

Cornelia Klasson
Research nurse

Teréz Zara Hanqvist
Research nurse

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Does your center want to join the ABOGRAFT consortium? Contact us!

Study sponsor
Jörg Schilcher (jorg.schilcher@liu.se)

Study coordinator
Daphne Wezenberg (Daphne.wezenberg@liu.se)

Study coordinating nurses
Cornelia Klasson (Cornelia.klasson@regionostergotland.se)

Teréz Zara Hanqvist (terez.zara.hanqvist@regionostergotland.se)

We are currently running a feasibility study at the University Hospital of Linköping. We aim to include patients from other centers at the end of 2022. Interested? Contact us (jorg.schilcher@liu.se).

Steering committee

Olof Sköldenberg (chair)

Bo Söderquist (independent member)

Nils Hailer (independent member)

Nils ‘Johan’ Kärrholm (independent member)

Jörg Schilcher (sponsor)

Daphne Wezenberg (study coordinator)

Patient advisory committee

Maria Nylander (Spokesperson for the Reumatikförbundet in Sweden)


Data management committee

Mats Fredrikson

Hans Tropp


Monitoring agency

Forum Östergotland

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