Sustainable City Logistics

The demand for urban freight is increasing at the same time as local and regional sustainability goals aim for more sustainable cities – and these two things don’t always go hand in hand.

We research how logistics systems in cities can be effectivised, thus reducing the “last mile” problem. This includes consolidation of deliveries, such as when delivering to shops. It also includes building site and harbour logistics. These systems also include consumers who have a big impact on the kind of product being shipped. There are several different actors in urban logistics, all with different goals and agendas. For example, municipalities and property owners strive to make their cities attractive, while retail companies and logistics companies want to deliver their goods as effectively as possible. To achieve sustainable urban logistics, these actors need to be able to work together, and that’s something we focus on in this research area.

Sustainable urban logistics is one of our eight research areas in climate smart transport systems.

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