Sustainable nutrient and energy management

Wheat field.
Agriculture around Linköping, Sweden. Photo: Genevieve Metson

Increasing efficiency and recycling of organic waste is key for food systems. Natural resources are the building blocks for all ecosystems, including those dominated by humans such as cities and farms.

Understanding where these resources are, how they flow on our landscapes, and why we see these use patterns are key questions to inform more sustainable management. Of particular interest to the group, is how to manage multiple natural resources at one including essential nutrients such as phosphorus, nitrogen, and potassium. These nutrients are essential fertilizers in our food production systems, but can also act as pollutants when they are lost to waterways. Finding ways to increase efficient use and recycling of nutrients must also be done

  1. in the context of mitigating greenhouse gas emissions (e.g. promoting renewable fuels),
  2. adapting to climate change,
  3. accounting for social and ecological constraints, including cultural priorities and preferences.

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