Researchers from the Centre for Climate Science and Policy Research, CSPR, participated on site during the UN climate negotiations, COP26, in Glasgow. Among other things, they followed the negotiations, coordinated survey studies and studied the youth movement's involvement in the climate issue.

Before COP26

Maria Jernnäs on the key issues at COP 26

Maria Jernnäs is PhD student at Environmental Change. In the video, she talks about the key issues ahead of COP 26.

Björn-Ola Linnér ahead of COP26

Björn-Ola Linnér is a professor at Environmental Change. In this video, he talks about the international negotiation survey CSPR is conducting and what issues will be important during COP26. The articles referenced in the video can be found here.

Vlog from our researchers i Glasgow

Arriving in Glasgow (Monday, first week)



Participating in the Climate march



Walk and talk at the end of COP26 (Friday, second week)



Reflections from COP26 (Friday, second week)



Researchers from Linköping University at COP26